The Cinamaker Handoff app is a powerful utility to automate the transfer of your source media files to your Mac for easy editing in traditional desktop video editing software, including Apple Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere..

Before you start

  1. Install Cinamaker Handoff for macOS from the app store:

  2. Launch the software. The app window will not appear, but you will see the Cinamaker icon at the bottom of your screen in your dock.

  3. Turn ON both Bluetooth and WiFi on Director Pad device

  4. For WiFi setup turn ON WiFi and disable Bluetooth on assistant devices
    For Wired Ethernet setup turn OFF WiFi and disable Bluetooth on assistant devices 

  5. Turn ON both Bluetooth and WiFi on your Mac

  6. In MacOS: Go to the Apple menu ->System preferences- >General and check “Allow Handoff between this Mac and your iCloud devices”

  7. In iOS: Go to Settings > General > Handoff, then tap to turn on Handoff

  8. Your Mac and  Director Pad device should be logged in into the same iCloud account

  9. Your iCloud account should have some available space to move files.

  10. Ensure that iPad has version iOS 11.3.1 or newer

  11. Connection speed and stability is best when the Mac and iPad are connected to the same Ethernet network

  12. WiFi operation requires the the Mac and the iPad to be on the same WiFi network

How to Operate

Launch Director Pad and start a new session

Launch Capture on iOS devices and connect them to the Director Pad

Start Stream or Live Edit on Director Pad

Stop Stream or Live Edit on Director Pad

For WiFi operation the iPad should be closer than 10 meters to Mac

Immediately after stopping the a recording or live stream, the Cinamaker Handoff  icon should appear in the left side of the dock panel on your Mac: 

Click the Cinamaker Handoff icon and the import window will appear:  

Wait until all files are imported. 

Once completed you can import your project files directly into Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro CS, and many others with your media and timeline already built from your edit decisions inside of Cinamaker

Known issues:

  1. There are known issues with iOS 11.2.5 and 10.2.1 preventing normal usage of the Handoff feature. iOS 11.3.1 and newer is confirmed to work fine