With just a push of a button, Cinamaker's Premiere Pro Panel allows you to:

  • Transfer and open your Cinamaker project files
  • Have all your synchronized source cameras, graphics, media, project assets, EDL and timeline meta-data imported into Premiere Pro
  • Automate your media management and timeline creation in Premiere
  • Have your 1st cut auto-created by edit decisions and graphics used during a Cinamaker live-cut or live-stream

Your multi-camera video recordings, along with all cameras, edit decisions, metadata, graphics, and audio from Cinamaker will be transferred to your Adobe Premiere Pro timeline in perfect sync.

Say goodbye to time-consuming processes and an inefficient workflow of simply syncing your files. You'll now be able to dedicate all that time you would've spent in post-production to doing what you love: creating content and continuously raising the bar in your video production future.

Note: The Cinamaker Panel for Adobe Premiere CC can work in conjunction with the Cinamaker Handoff app for MacOS to enable seamless media management between Cinamaker and Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

To get started, head to Adobe Exchange to download the free Cinamaker Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro CC.