The Cinamaker Virtual Web Camera (with Audio Driver) for Mac sends your multi-camera video and audio output in perfect sync directly to Zoom, MS Teams, Webex, Skype, and other major meeting platforms. 


Please note that it is critical for both Cinamaker Virtual Web Camera (with Audio Device) to be activated from within the meeting platform you choose in order for Cinamaker output to be in perfect sync during your meeting sessions.


The following instructions will guide you through;

  1. Downloading and installing the Cinamaker Virtual Web Camera and Audio Device

  2. Sending your Cinamaker sessions to Zoom

  3. Activating Cinamaker from a Zoom Session  (and other meeting platforms)


Package and contents

The driver installer package content includes

  • Cinamaker Webcam Driver

  • Cinamaker Audio Device Driver

  • Uninstaller utility

  • Messenger compatibility patching utility

Installation steps

  • Right-click the package in Finder and select “Open”

  • Proceed with the installation. When prompted, please type in your Mac user password
  • Once the installation is complete, the system will automatically restart your computer
  • After restart, the Cinamaker Virtual Web Camera will need to be turned on from within Cinamaker Director Studio. Once this is set you will be able  to output to Zoom and other top meeting Platforms

Sending Director Studio Output to Zoom, and other Meeting Platforms

To send the Cinamaker Virtual Web Camera (with Audio Driver) output to Zoom, you must activate that function from within Cinamaker Director Studio settings:

  • Open Settings from the Start Screen 

  • Select and open “Settings” from the drop-down list, and Switch "Send AV Program-Out to Cinamaker Virtual Webcam Driver" to the ON position

Activating Cinamaker from a Zoom Session, and other Meeting Platforms

To configure your online meeting and webinar clients, follow these steps:

  • Start the online meeting application (e.g. Zoom, MS Teams, Webex, Skype,etc.)
  • Go to the audio/video settings

  • Select the Cinamaker Virtual Web Camera as the video device. The Cinamaker logo will appear briefly in the preview window with the animated red bar on the bottom. If the picture displays mirrored, it is the feature of the meeting platform

  • Select the Cinamaker Audio Device as the microphone / audio source

  • Start the session in the Cinamaker app (Director Studio or Meeting Director) application and connect at least one camera/video assistant
  • When the preview from the Cinamaker app appears in the meeting platform preview, you will be successfully connected.


To un-install the Cinamaker Virtual Web Camera driver, complete the following:

  • Open Finder
  • Go to /Applications/Cinamaker Utilities folder
  • Double click “Uninstall Cinamaker Web Camera”

  • Click “Yes” on the uninstall confirmation pop-up
  • After the uninstallation is complete, check that Cinamaker Virtual Web Camera and Cinamaker Audio Device have disappeared from the meeting platform list

Meeting Platforms Tool Compatibility

Due to security reasons, modern messenger apps (esp. Skype, and Microsoft Teams) provide their builds with the “Hardened Runtime” entitlement enabled. This practice started about June 2020. Hardened runtime disallows the app to load any libraries/bundles/drivers/plug-ins signed by 3rd party. Due to this limitation, Skype, Teams and do not see the Cinamaker web camera driver. In the post-install phase, the installer removes the code signature from Skype, and MS Teams (if these products are installed on the system). After this update, these messengers are able to load and use the Cinamaker Web Camera driver.

If the messenger is installed or updated after the Cinamaker Web Camera Driver installation, it will probably become incompatible with the driver. To fix this, the “Compatibility Patch” utility is provided. 

To fix this, follow these steps: 

  • Open Finder
  • Go to /Applications/Cinamaker Utilities folder
  • Double click the Compatibility Patch

  • Select the application you want to patch from the list

  • Click “Ok”
  • When the patch is applied, the pop-up will inform you

Restart the patched application. Cinamaker Web Camera should be available.