Instructions for Sending Cinamaker Director Studio for iPad to Computer with Zoom, WebEx, or your favorite Meeting Platform


With Cinamaker Director Studio you can send your output to Zoom and other video meeting platforms. To do so you will need to be running Cinamaker Director Studio on your iPad and sending the output to your computer running your Zoom session.

To connect the iPad to your computer you will need an HDMI cable, a couple of adapters, and an HDMI Video Capture card

What you will need

  1. iPad installed with Cinamaker Director Studio
  2. Mac or PC Computer with Zoom (or another meeting platform) installed
  3. 1 standard HDMI cable 
  4. 1 HDMI to USB Video Capture Card
  5. An available USB-A port

 Standard HDMI cable       HDMI to USB Video Capture Card     

Depending on the model iPad you use you will need one of the following official Apple Digital A/V adapters to get the HDMI signal out of your iPad

USB-C Digital A/V Multiport Adapter

Lightning to Digital A/V adapter

iPad Pro 3rd, 4th gen    

Lightning to Digital A/V adapter

iPad Pro 3rd, 4th gen

Lightning Adapter iPads, iPad Air 4th gen

USB-C to USB adapter (optional)

For some new Macs, you may need to use a USB-C to USB adapter to connect your USB -> HDMI to USB Video Capture Card


Cinamaker Director Studio

1. Your iPad and computer must be connected via HDMI cable, Video Capture Card, and the appropriate adapters (See “What you will need” above). Specifically, you will connect an official Apple A/V adapter to your iPad in order to output the HDMI signal from the iPad. 

2. Next, you will connect the opposite side of the HDMI cable to the USB->HDMI Video Capture device installed on your Mac or PC computer.

3. Create a New Session in Cinamaker Director Multicam Studio on your iPad.

4. In your Cinamaker preview, and with the proper cable configuration in #1 above; 

  1. Select the Monitor (Airplay mirroring monitor Icon to the left of the big Red Record Button.) 

  2. Select “Preview Only”

#4a. Select the Monitor (Airplay mirroring monitor Icon)

#4b. Select “Preview Only”

Zoom: Connecting

1. Next, open your Zoom (or other) session on your computer. 

2. At the bottom of the Zoom screen, 

- Locate the “Start Video” icon, click the upward arrow and you will choose the HDMI->USB adapter you installed as your source. In our case, it is called “USB Camera” Select this. Then click on the Start Video icon and wait a moment for your Cinamaker output to appear as your Zoom content.

- Next, locate the “Mute” (microphone) icon to the left of the Start Video icon. Click the upward arrow and under “Select Microphone” you will choose the HDMI->USB adapter you installed our case it is called “USB Digital Audio”. Now your audio from Cinamaker will become the session audio source. 

- You must set the mic levels in your ‘Audio Mixer’ inside Cinamaker Director to hear your audio in Zoom.

6. Open Zoom session and locate the “Start Video” and “Unmute” icon, click the upward arrows

6a. Select “USB Camera”   

6b. Select “USB Digital Audio”