Live Editor Overview

Cinamaker’s in-app Live Editor lets you edit your previous Camera, Audio, and Media decisions from your recorded sessions. We call this Live Editor because, unlike other video editors, Cinamaker’s multi-camera, multi-input video production platform allows you to edit live while recording and live streaming (production), and/or edit afterward while in playback (post-production).

Cinamaker’s in-app Live Editor now gives you three (3) editing modes during post-production that make editing faster and more efficient;  Roll Editing, Instant Editing, and Cut Editing.

Instant Editing

Instantly make changes to your Cinamaker recording; Camera selections, Audio mixes and Media objects. Display decisions to all or portions of your timeline with a few clicks.

This document describes how to use Cinamaker Director Studio Live Editor to edit your recordings using the Instant Editing. In this mode you can instantly edit your Cameras, Audio mix, and/or Media elements of a designated range on the editor timeline.

Instant Append-Mode

1. Launch Cinamaker Director Studio.

2. Open the project you wish to edit (you will be taken to Live Editor)

3. In Live Editor, click Instant to enable Instant Editing (the project timeline will appear).

4. Select Append to enable instant append mode (default)

To apply edits in Append mode, on the project timeline select the time-range you wish to edit (start/finish points) by moving time stamps left/right.

5. Next, select which categories you wish to edit; Cameras, Audio, and/or Media

Media: Should you wish to append the selected time range with a Media object, navigate to the Media panel and select the Media element you wish to include.
You can also add media objects that were not included in the Media panel at the time of recording. Simply Add the media object and highlight it.

You can also edit or delete already added Media if needed.

Audio: Should you wish to append the selected time range with a volume adjustment(s), navigate to the Audio panel and adjust the volume levels for the fragment.

Cameras: Should you wish to append the selected time range with a different camera, tap the Camera that you would like to be the replacement (you can choose only one slot).

6. To accept and apply the changes, click the checkmark to apply changes to the selected range or click undo/redo to cancel/reverse changes.

Changes will be applied instantly to the selected time period. The following popup will appear:

7. Click/tap the arrow to exit Append mode.