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camera matching? scopes?


Impressive use of the smart devices capabilities. Nice job. 

Doing my first project with Cinamaker over the next 6 weeks,  I want to know how you match various sources without having a waveform and vectorscope to dial them in. I can do it by eye but scopes don't lie and my camera to camera matches are always perfect using tools.

I have an Android, various I-phones and a Sony ENG three chip in line, they all have subtle picture differences but if they are color matched people don't notice.


Thanx Cal

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Hi Cal,

Thanks for contributing to the Forums.

At this time we do not have waveform or vector scope built in and count on the eye to dial cameras in.

With Cinamaker you have control of iPhone cameras, directly at the source camera and remotely from the iPad. From the source you have focus, exposure and color options. You can also control those settings for each iPhone from the Director Pad.

As for your Sony ENG, you will need to control settings at the source as Cinamaker does not natively integrate with Sony cameras at this time.

Also, at this time we do not support Android due to the various manufacturer configurations.

Hope that helps.


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Ok, but is it necessary to set al iPhones the same 1080p HD 30fps or dus it not matter?

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