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Screen capturing option for Android, iOS and Windows

 Hello everyone,

are there any options for wireless screen capturing of Android, iOS and Windows devices. Another app I have been playing around for some time could do that but I could not find any hints if Cinamaker is able to handle this as well.

Kind regards


Hi Alexander,

We are planning on releasing support for MacOS and iOS in January. We do not have a date for streaming from Windows.


Hi Benjamin,

this is really good news! Support for MacOS and iOS seems to be great, but I would also recommend to offer screen capturing options for Android and Windows devices. This should surely generate even more satisfied customers.

Thanks as well!


Any updates on this? Would like the ability to have screen recording broadcast a scoreboard app picture-in-picture. Two ‘assistants’: one recording video of game, one casting screen of scoreboard app.

Hi, Doug.

Should be on schedule for macOS and iOS delivery in January.

Thank you,

Cinamaker Support 

Saw a few capture updates... this still planned for this month?

Hi, Doug

Yes, We are on track, within a couple of short weeks we will release CinIO for Mac,  macOS, and iOS

Thanks! Cinamaker Support

Hi Bernardo,

THAT is good news! Hopefully something like CinDROID and CinWIN will released a bit later: screen capture for Windows and Android systems!

Thank you so much!


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