Cinamaker Director Studio (macOS only) and Cinamaker Meeting Director (MacOS only) can send your session output to Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, Webex, and other video conference platforms via the built-in Cinamaker Virtual Webcam Driver.

If you use Cinamaker Director Studio on the iPad and wish to output your sessions to Zoom (and others), please see Output to Zoom with Cinamaker Director Studio - iPad-only.

Setting Up the Cinamaker Virtual Webcam Driver

To be able to send Cinamaker audio/video output to Zoom and other video conference platforms, you must first activate this feature from Cinamaker Settings by switching "Send AV Program Out to Cinamaker Virtual Webcam Driver" to the ON position. Once in the ON position, you will not need to activate it again.

NOTE: The Mac App Store version of Cinamaker Director Studio does not ship with the Cinamaker Virtual Webcam Driver. However, once Cinamaker is installed on your Mac, you can download and install the Cinamaker Virtual Webcam Driver for free from

NOTE: Learn about the Cinamaker Virtual Web Camera (w/ Audio Driver) - User Guide 

Sending the Cinamaker Virtual Webcam Driver Output to Zoom (and others)

In order for your Cinamaker Video and Audio output to appear in perfect sync in each of your Zoom sessions, as well as other video conference platforms, be sure to follow these steps;

1. From the Zoom interface, select "Cinamaker Virtual Web Camera" as your Video Source. You must then turn the Camera ON.

2. From the Zoom interface, select "Cinamaker Audio Device" as your Audio Source. You must then turn the Audio ON.

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Cinamaker Echo Cancellation

Echo Cancellation for Mac (beta) allows you to use Cinamaker without requiring you to wear a headset while outputting to Zoom and various online meeting and webinar platforms. Learn more about Echo Cancellation - Mac Only (beta).